Master Cobra

Red Master

Increases the length of your manhood as well as the girth.


Green Master

Increases your Libido and also gives you firm erections.


Brown Master

​Firm and hard erections over a period of 24 hours.


Master Viola

For Women only. A powder that makes women go wild.



What is the difference between Mastercobra Brown or Green for that matter and Viagra, Levitra and Cialis?

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International shipment will take between 10-12 working days for USA. Other international destinations can vary.

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Master Cobra is very unique in a sense that you can choose what you want. I've tried it all and it works well.

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Master Cobra is a series of sexual stimulant products for different needs. It is said, that it makes the strongest man even stronger. But also women can make use of it with Master Viola.
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